Applying for Vipassana Courses

After reviewing the Code of Discipline and checking the course schedule, you may then apply for a course.

The link to the online registration web page is at the bottom of this page.

Course registration will open 2 months before the course starts.

Applications are usually processed within 10 days of arrival. If you have not received a reply within this period, please contact

When your application has been accepted, you will receive a confirmation letter providing further information and travel directions to the centre.

All confirmed students will receive a reminder to re-confirm their intention to join the course 14 days prior to the start. Please reply by simply clicking the 'reply' button and send it back to us to re-confirm. Failing this, we cannot guarantee your place on the course.

If you wish to cancel your application at any time, please let us know as soon as possible as there are many people on the waiting list.


Online Applications & Mobile Telephone Email Addresses

Please note that we are unable to accept applications which have EZWEB, DoCoMo or other mobile telephone email addresses as the contact email address.

As these services may block international email communications and prevent us from being able to communicate with you to complete the confirmation of your application, please provide a computer linked email address -- eg GMAIL, Hotmail, Yahoo etc..

If you are using a spam filter on your email account, please lift this block and ensure that emails from or are let through.

Click here to go to the application page.